Water Filters are not DIY

Water Filters are not DIY

As reported by the Plumbers, Gasfitters and Drainlayers Board (PGDB), homeowners looking to take the extra precaution of controlling the purity of the water entering their homes by installing water filters themselves are being warned that this is not a DIY job. Exceptions to this rule would be filters that have a push on connection fitted to the outlet of a kitchen tap or stand-alone tank/bottle type filters.

Generally, the installation of water filters is considered to be sanitary plumbing and must be carried out by an authorised tradesperson. This includes filters supplying water for a whole building as well as single filter units installed under the kitchen sink.

PGDB Chief Executive, Martin Sawyers said; “We’re reminding homeowners not to risk their family’s health and safety or their insurance by installing water filters themselves, or by hiring unauthorised tradesperson to undertake the work.”

He added: “Tradespeople carrying out restricted plumbing work must be able to produce their licence card if asked – and consumers should ask to sight it. This provides assurance that the work is being legally carried out by an authorised and competent tradesperson, who is currently licensed by the PGDB.” We encourage you to ask to see our tradesperson’s licence card.

If you are unsure if the installation of a specific type of water filter falls into the restricted work category – give Arrow Plumbing & Gas a call on 0800 420 400 and we’d be happy to advise.