Ensure you insure – and know what’s covered

Ensure you insure – and know what’s covered

To many of us, insurance is one of those necessary evils.

For the owners of the cars in the featured image, we hope their leak was ‘sudden’. Why? Read on…

While we are fortunate in Auckland to not experience freezing temperatures, as happens in some parts of the country where bursting water pipes are commonplace, it is prudent to act on any suspected leak with urgency… BE WARNED: Read and understand your insurance policy carefully!

The Insurance Council of New Zealand’s website advises the following…

“Most property insurance policies are designed to cover sudden, unexpected and unintended losses and most claims automatically fall within this definition: e.g. fire, theft, flood, burglary, accidental breakage etc. However some losses are not caused by these types of events and insurance is not designed to cover them. This is because they are not sudden, but are often avoidable by taking normal reasonable measures to maintain property in a reasonable condition. This includes carrying out routine general maintenance as well as remedial maintenance, once a problem or fault is first noticed. To emphasise the importance of these two requirements, they have been written into most insurance policies as a condition of coverage. This means if they are not followed, a claim of this nature could be declined. These are usually the types of claims that involve gradual deterioration and/or resultant damage.”

Maintenance of your roof, plumbing and wastewater is key to protecting your property. Arrow Plumbing & Gas are experts in leak detection and can assess your property from roof to sewer and fix any problems that come to light.

To read more from the IACNZ website, click here.